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Evasion Survival, Alaska

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Go light, lose the fight (Of Survival). Fearing the Ruck as a Rural Evader

Posted by Ivarr Bergmann on January 6, 2019 at 2:05 PM

This post isn't directed at the older folks or physically disabled. It directed at the Lip Jockey "Experts" ..

One things Alaska has shown me its what its like to have no help coming. It thoroughly sucks and its a relentless creeping feeling that is constantly there reminding me not to fuk up. If I do there's no one there to help. No one is coming and no one will even know. All the help I have is what I carry. Skills are absolutely necessary in these situation but they are equally as important as kit and knowing how to combine the two to live to see the sun rise. In many cases kit will trump skills. This misplaced notion you'll meet at some planned rally point with all your Internet brothers at arms is unrealistic with all the variable the collapse will throw at us. An Evader should plan to be alone regardless of the outcome. I have multiple place to go. This puts the math in my favor.

I don't post about things I don't know about. One thing I do know about is what isolation looks like and what it takes to get yourself through it. This isolation can translate into what most ppl will experience when the hammer drops else where. What I experience here, in the now, is what ppl will experience when its all gone. Oddly enough Ill probably actually have it better here in the wilderness then most people will when it all comes crashing down and society starts to digest itself. A great purge will happen until such a time that the numbers will thin out in populated areas. Here in Alaska predators will be my constant OPFOR unless someone decides to come look for me. The rhetoric by some "experts" of going out light and geared to only fight to survive when the hammer drops is counterfeit nonsense at best. The notion you'll be the savior of what was once the USA and that you should address and approach the collapse of everything as some sort of Fighter is even more ridiculous, as are the 'for sale' grandiose expectation of having a unrealistic plan based on this flawed idea. Its fantasy fan-boy garbage. You need kit and you need a rucksack. Going light it insane. It simply doesn't translate into a world where there is nothing left but what you take with you, sorry. Its even more non-transitioning if you have a family. When the hammer drops there is no rescue service coming to help, there isn't even going to be a 7-11 to go get cough syrup should you develop the sniffles or a simple bottle of Pepto should you get a bad case of Ass Blast. But wait, it gets much worse-There will be no airstrikes or JDAMS to kill a dug in sniper, or choppers to evac someone if he gets a good shot upside your head. There will be no follow up forces to aid you should you get stuck in a fight with no way out. There is no monster Governmental element there to help with a simple call. Its going to be OVER. You will be your doctor/Medic/Nurse, your commo guy, your armorer, your seamstress, your marksman, your cook, your recon guy, your fighter, your auto mechanic, your boat captain, you medivac and your spiritual reservoir when the end finally releases you....Get use to this idea.. A patrol or Assault pack simply isn't enough to live from.

You will need the ruck and all it can carry to get by. Whats more is you'll need a larger ruck then you think in the event you come across items to scavenge and take with you. Extra room saves time and liability and this translates into less problems and moving quickly. For the Evader there will be situations where you need to be self sufficient. By that I mean your shelter, food and fire to cook from will come from you and what you have brought in your ruck, not by natural means by making a fire or constructuing a shelter from natural materials all to disturb the area and leave harder sign you were there.. You'll need dry clothing on the spot, or you'll need warm food procured from the supplies you should have in your rucksack.


You'll need a change of clothes. Perhaps several. Here Im changing my clothes during a creep in a frozen forest.Of course Im posing for the blog picture to make my point.

My PLCE ruck.. My fav ruck of all time. Works right for me.

Here's a quick story:

This is a much edited version but I hope you get the point.

Long ago in a swamp around the Mid-Atlantic coast of the USA, close to the Chesapeake Bay. We were creeping though this swamp heading to a pre-determined base camp. The task was to creep successfully with all team members making it to the 'base camp' that was a mere mark on the map made with a simple grease-pencil smeared in black. Thats all that we were told and It was that simple. Avoid contact and avoid a fight. Utilize tactical formations, C&C and terrain to move successfully undetected as a team. The trick was is that there were two factions fighting each other in the AO. They didn't know about our existence and we were vaguely advised of theirs.. There was no one actively searching for our group. We were a wild card. Getting made just once would have changed the game and we would probably have probably have been actively hunted by both factions because no one knew what side we were on. The truth was were weren't on anyone side. The objective was to creep and not get made- It was as simple as that. We had woodland BDUs, Rucksack and LBE and were armed with just M4s and side arms..

We were three days into this. On the 4th day we made our way to a strait away in the road. The map, terrain and the activity we observed dictated this was the best place to cross unless we wanted to swim or deal with a bridge. We sent out scouts on either of our flanks hand-railing the road. Far enough out and up the road to give a good report on when it was clear. We observed the road for hours. We could hear distant activity but visually saw nothing and the road remained unused. The activity was close, however. We decide to wait till sun down to cross. We had the time. Once sun went down we initiated the crossing after the scouts on each flank reported it was clear. The first man didn't make it 3 steps to the shoulder of the road and trip flare went off up the road and an RPK just appeared and opened up nearly directly infornt of us across the road. They were firing at a target 100 meters or more up the road. He was throwing flash and rapidly changed mags. He was joined by rifleman and some simulated ordnance explosions Their OPFOR opened up on them from their 1 o'clock from up the road near the general area of the scouts just off a crook in the road. It was fast and seemed to hit with a lot of shock value. We were sitting in the midst of the factions fighting one another. The ball buster was that RPK and rifleman's position was so well hidden we didn't see or hear anything for the entire time we observed that area from our covert positions. But they didn't make us either.

BRDM Armored Scout Car (Truck)

It wasnt long and a BRDM armored truck painted in a NATO camo pattern and drapped with pieces of camo netting hanging from it came rumbling into the fight pounding off with its KPV 14mm cannon ( gun actually). Fortunately no one from either faction saw us. We didn't get made. That was 90% of the battle, staying unknown. We were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The scouts were pulled in and we wanted to get away from the firefight so the group rallied and  peeled back disapearing into the dark swamp. We were 100 meters in when a guy in our group took a trip face first into the drink. This was a cold night at nearly 30 degree temps. The guy was scruffed from the drink and pulled to safety. Just about that time a team from one of the Factions presented itself in our immediate area. They were moving with a purpose but not fast enough that were were going to get made. We hid well and used the terrain and vegitation to conceal us.. They were trying to flank the RPK position and had to run through us to get to them. The RPK team must have had support because another firefight broke out between the two factions once again, right in our Escape area. Our group broke out of the area and rallied at the swamps edge some distance from the fight. It was thought that neither side would want to get backed into the swamp so it would be avoided at great length.. Pop flares could bee seen in the distance but the group was well enough away not to be illuminated by them or even get stuck in the fight. It was relatively secure. Ordnance detonations, the crack of automatic rifles and the low thump of bursts from M60 Machine Guns could be heard in the distance for some time.

The guy that went into the water was in serious condition with hypothermia taking its toll. He was near immobile with his kit and rucksack being dragged by his team mates  and the medic in follow. His gear was properly water proofed and everything inside was perfectly serviceable.. His sleep sack and spare clothing were retrieved from the main cell, and at the top, of his ruck with absolute ease because it was packed properly by priority. His cooking kit was also packed by priority and retrieved with ease from outside side pouches. Hot liquid was eventually prepared for his infusion with his burner stove with the proper light issues addressed once the fighting has passed. All members of the group had properly prepared rucksacks so this meant that if one person had a mishap they wouldn't drain resources from using up other members kit and supplies because of  ne mans own inaction and lack of preparations. By the group observing the rule of using rucks larger than was required there was spare room to divide up the convalescent members kit to help get him out until he was able to get on by himself. The group had no radio contact with 'base camp' or anyone else if there was a situation like this, but the point if this was after the hammer dropped these men in the group werent prepared to act as a group or individually with properly prepared rucksacks and kit inventory..?

Thats all I have to say about that short story....

Me on Dartmoor in the UK. I was down with Hypothermia. Took kit from 3 guys patrol ruck to get me stabilized.

Patrol/Assault Rucksacks are good for my scouts. Even when the hammer drops Id be hard pressed to go from shelter to shelter with a simple 3 day pack. If I get displaced and unable to reach the next destination/shelter I dont want to be caught in the wilds without proper kit.. Ill might go over this later in another post.

Some Vid Links:

Ruck Content Vid: https://youtu.be/3Er_-Shg8n0

Ptrol Ruck Video:  https://youtu.be/GZGviVv5TUw

I implore anyone reading to not discount the rucksack. Do not listen to guys who want to sell you on going out like you're assaulting Central Baghdad. If you're reading this you're looking at the collapse from my point of view. However my plan is designed for ANY SITUATION that brings a collapse, not just invasion or civil war were commerce and civil services have disintegrated. Going out with nothing when the hammer drops will give a whole new meaning to "travel light-freeze at night". Yes rucksack is hard weight. It takes training with it to know how to use it and what to do with it.  When to take a chance and ditch it for retrieval later and when to never take it off. The ruck should be protected at all costs. Much like you weapon is. IMO its just as important. There are no shortages of examples of my handling one throughout my vids and picture history. Ive found that most ppl telling you not to take one are the ppl that simply cant handle one

Ivarr Bergmann


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Reply Ivarr Bergmann
10:04 PM on January 9, 2019 
Kriegshund says...
Thanks Ivarr I needed that! A great reminder that I should just live what I've learned in the army and not listen to all the other bullshit noise.
When you can, can you talk a bit about what you are using as a sleeping system/ bag?

There's so much BS out there. Push yourself and be safe.

Thanks for your time..

Reply Kriegshund
10:15 PM on January 8, 2019 
Thanks Ivarr I needed that! A great reminder that I should just live what I've learned in the army and not listen to all the other bullshit noise.
When you can, can you talk a bit about what you are using as a sleeping system/ bag?
Reply Ivarr Bergmann
5:47 PM on January 8, 2019 
Apollo26 says...
Right on me and my brother go on 20 mile or so back country hike/slash camps I use them as training so I'll pack my ruck heavy for a collapse event. My little bros a hippie ultralight packer so he gives me endless shit but it never fails him hitting me up for water batteries food hatchet saw etc and camp security, Damn punk jokes I'm his sherpa lol

SO true.. I dunno how many times ppl have mooched supplies off me over the years... and you cant really say no out there because that problem will easily become your problem in no time..

20 miles is a good piece.. well done, my friend..

Reply Apollo26
5:37 PM on January 8, 2019 
Right on me and my brother go on 20 mile or so back country hike/slash camps I use them as training so I'll pack my ruck heavy for a collapse event. My little bros a hippie ultralight packer so he gives me endless shit but it never fails him hitting me up for water batteries food hatchet saw etc and camp security, Damn punk jokes I'm his sherpa lol