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The Myth of Morality in Real Survival. Part 1

Posted by Ivarr Bergmann on June 15, 2019 at 1:45 PM
This post is NOT advocating being a MARAUDER to get by. It simply about facing facts and making hard decisions if you want to live.

"Id bitch slap the last can of cat food on earth right from my Grand Moms hand to feed my kids.."

I remember hearing a guy say that one time. It was good to hear the truth come from someone and I never forgot that line. He wasn't advocating stealing to get by, simply expressing the extent he would go to protect his family should it come to that. So you think you're above stealing, looting, marauding or what ever the latest sexy terminology is to survive? The chaos of chaos, and who is who is never defined by what you see...

Here's a scenario:

You've decided the situations is not going back to normality so you and a team mate decide to fall on your escape plan to leave town. Things are going as planned and you're both well on your way to being out of town. You're both creeping through a heavily wooded alley way and you hear screams and the sounds of fighting.  You peek into a yard and you see three guys climbing into a widow with a ladder and its obvious they have no plan other then strong arming thier way in. Two make it in and there's more screaming of a female nature and a man yelling. Just then bullets start blowing through the side of the house. Its quiet for a second, just then the two who made it into the house toss two dead bodies out the window. They land in the well manuicured grass with a solid thud knocking over some fancy lawn furnature when they bounce. The slaughter took about 3 seconds. The guy still on the ladder tells the two inside to "get the stuff". You sit tight in case they have buddies hiding in the alley someplace. Your position offers good cover and concealment so you both decide to just watch and listen, electing to let this situation play out and leave once its safe. The 3 intruders are all inside and are tossing stuff out the window and debating what to take and where to find the goods they came for. You can barley make out what they are saying but its enough to understand they came with an objective. They rummage for about 10 minutes and emerge from the widow with a small pink backpack. All three men make it down the ladder and disappear around the far side of the house. Its over but the situation will repeat itself over and over across town as you make your way to the forest...

On your last leg of your escape your partner gets an arrow in the leg while crawling over and abandoned blockade made of wrecked cars and debris. He wasnt shot. It was in the wreck of one of the cars and he simply put his leg into the wrong spot burring a broad head right into his outer thigh when he slipped. You remove it the only way you can. Back out how it went in. The next day it clear it seriously infected regardless of the precautions you took to clean and dress it when it happened. The infection is aggressive and worsening by the hour. Far beyond any supplies you have on hand and you're well far away from the next Survival Pod stash. Sepsis is a real possibility with this slashing puncture wound. You and your partner decide to make a hasty RON in a secure spot. Leaving the injured partner at RON is the plan, you decide to head back to town to see if there is anything left in the drug stores or one of the many abandoned houses. You agree on a time to turn on comms for a check in. 9AM. He needs something in the way of a broad spectrum antibiotic. He's too badly injured to make it to a a Survival Pod Stash and the pain is too great with the amount of swelling. So you decide to go...Its dark when you step off. You are now that thing that hides in the night and freaks people out. You creep back into town using one of your multiple escape routes. You can see the distant glow of candles and lanterns in people window and hear the faint muffle of people talking in their houses as you creep inside the shadows. There are random bon-fires here and there with people huddled around them talking. There's a lot of large buildings burning in the center of town . You hear random gun shots and the random sounds of chaos all around.

A few hours creeping through the shadows on the outskirts of town and through the forest and you've arrived at a strip mall you knew was there before everything went into Purge Mode.. You've made your way totally undetected and get on with OP'ing from the side of the NW hill . Before the Great Purge started to breathe you frequented this strip mall and the Mom & Pop pharmacy there. You even knew the owner, Mr. Harold, and his wife, Mrs Vera by name and cannot help but wonder whatever happened to them as you observe the destruction all around. You sit and watch/listen from the high-ground that gives you a view of both the rear, side and much of parking lot of the mall. Fortunately the drug store is tucked into the corner below the high ground. The far building was a hardware store and it was razed to the ground and partially taking the video store with it. The drug store got by with no damage from that. With a quick creep going north and south on the hill you can easily use the concealment factor of the hills vegetation to watch both entrances of the drug store. There's just the shapes and shadows of abandoned and burned out cars in the parking lot and trash blowing around in the autumn breeze. You take note of the sign hanging swinging loosely on a tree directly in front of the drug store that reads "Looters Will Be Shot" and wonder if that still applies and if there is anyone left there. Also the steel Riot, Roll Up Gate is open a feet feet above the ground and the glass that is visible is intact..

You observe for a couple- few hours. You have an hour or two before the sun starts to light up the area. All seems quiet and quite abandoned. The familiar sounds of civilization dying echo randomly in the far distance, the sounds amplified by the low clouds and chilly autumn night air. Other then a few small groups of refugees, you see no one coming or going. You did take note of an couple of thin skinned unarmed Army issue Humvee that raced passed twice. They paid no mind to the strip mall other then a quick drive by security scan by the side door gunners. Anything of value was probably gone weeks ago and as to the drug store, Its probably safe to assume tweekers and dope fiends have cleared out the good stuff long ago but its a chance you're need to take to go see if there's anything you can use inside. In the grand picture of it all this drug store on the fringes of town is safer then searching abandoned homes and ruined neighborhoods being alone and with no back-up with limited ammo compliments.

It dark with the only light being that of the light from the fires in town reflecting off the low clouds. Its enough to see OK if you're used to it. Trading your rucksack and webbing for speed you drop them in a concealed spot on the hill. It just feels right in this situation. You retrieve an extra mag and stuff it into your smock breast pocket. The rests stays. But you still have your knife, smock kit and side arm should things go tits up. So you go. Deciding to use the NW corner as a blind spot against any OPFOR you make your way down the hill after being well satisfied there is no one there. Its a chilly night but you're well warned up with nerves and senses on turbo setting.. You forehead runs with sweat and it makes the facepaint itch and burns your eyes as it runs into them. Once you've successfully made it to the the corner you decide the rear is the best place to have a listen once you get to the back steel door. It was still closed when you arrived.. You can see east down the utility road behind the strip mall. Its clear. Just a road made of 'crush-and-run' that is as wide as the distance from the building to the start of the hill. You soon realize that the piles of trash you observed from the hill are actually rotting corpses that have been there for quite some time. Mostly bones and brown dried stretched flesh telling you they been there a while. Some look to have been pulled apart by dogs or the like. Trash thrown about suggests they were killed for whatever reason and plundered of what they had.

The ground is littered with ruined outdoor kit and old clothing your careful not to come into contact with other then stepping on it here and there. However when you do step you recognize the rolling of spend shell casings under your boot.. A lot of them. The door isn't far from the corner. About 15ft. You decide to just low crawl slowly a few feet and have a listen. You sling your weapon to your back  vertical at the spine for stability and draw your pistol for better maneuverability and get down and to it. You sort of blend in with the trash and other mess on the ground. The vibration and scrape of the 'crush-and-run' under your clothing sounds like the roar of a freight train to you. You're glad you left the webbing behind now! Though in reality the sound it absorbed and muffled by the clothing if you respect the pace of your crawl. Reaching a spot a few feet from the door you just rest and listen. You're also all to worried you might be too open to attack if something comes around one of these corners but maybe you'll just blend into the dead if that happens. - You just push it from your mind and strain your ears to listen.. YES you definitely hear the sound of human habitation coming from the door and whats more there's a mess load of bullet holes in that steel door that are going both directions but  the lock and handle are intact.

As you lay there a hissing splash comes from a PVC pipe drain in the wall about 8 feet on the other side of the door. As you lay there thinking what to do the unmistakable smell of human piss and shit assaults your nose. Its well beyond obvious someone is using this building and you're right close to the spot they chose to use as a relief point for their plumbing. As the torrent continues and drags on you decide to use the sound as cover, standing up half crouched over and working your way slowly back to the corner of the building on your feet. As you turn the corner you're confronted by a grey bearded old man squatting against the wall almost looking like the trash and debris spread around and whats more is he has the business end of his AK is aimed right up at you. "Now you know you've fuked up.. Your hide is now mine, Son" he proclaims in a soft calm voice. He has the drop on you. He too used the sounds as cover to creep up on you. But you recognize the voice- Its Mr. Harold! However he doesn't recognize you in the face-paint in the low light. You try to tell him who you are but he just tells you to "shut the fuck up" - "drop the pistol"-and "get on your knees. " I don't fuking know you from squirrel shit, boy" he calmly replies.. He stands up with the weapon trained on you and as he stands you slowly lower your body. He's wearing woodland camo, a wool OD watch cap, and wool gloved with the figers cut off. His face is filthy and the beard is much longer then before but there is no doubt its Mr. Harold. Dropping your pistol a few feet over as you go down, doing as you were told, you try to reason with him as you both stand there on the side of the building. You know time is not a friend right now so you quickly bring up old conversations you two once had. You try to remind him of the time he researched medication reactions for you and how sorry he was for the medication he recommended making you sick. You figured that would surely stick out in his mind. All the while as you talk as fast as you can without sounding tweeked out and convoluted you watch his hands and his eye as he now draws down on you. "Haven't I killed enough of you dope droppers yet?.. I mean fuck, man" he softly asks with a confident chuckle. You reply 'Do I look like a dope addict to you?". He softly replies " Mother fucker, I got shot at the other day by a guy dressed in a Bumble Bee costume wearing pink ladies underwear over top of it, still acting like his Iphone was working".. With a tick of his head indicating a direction he says "He's laid out over there someplace unless the dogs took him away".. With that sentence you realized how far from those day past this situation really was. Using your last chip in the game you bring up his wife Mrs. Vera with a desperate stutter in your voice, because you're sure he's gonna shoot, you ask how she is.....He cocks his head back and relaxed a bit...

He replies "Well if you're not here for dope, what are you here for? My Food?". Finally a glimmer of hope. You quckily lay down the story and what you need. He just stands there listening with a crooked head and odd expression on his face, occasionally looking behind and around the area. You finally end the story with the situation at hand and why you're there. He pauses and appears to think for a second. he replies "No. You can't have it". You attempt a rebuttle but he just shuts you down with another "No. And thats all I have to say on the subject". He follows up with "I do remember you now but that's making no difference other then Im not going to kill you.. you were a good fella and loyal customer". Desperately you even offer a trade, or a barter type deal laying your cards on the table, and even offer to work off payment with laybor somehow. You know your Team Mates time is runing short but he didnt say he didnt have it, he said you couldnt have it.

As you desperatly talk he looks at you and say "Son, If I have to say one more thing to you about the subject this conversation is going to end with you dead" .."Now what Im gonna do is ask you to slowly slide that weapon off your back with using just two fingers on your right hand..Index and your thumb.. Anymore then those two or any fast moves Im gonna shot you through the face with this here Chinese AK47 and I have the distance working for me if you think of charging at me. So get on with those two finger and toss that rifle opver there"

As I relieve myself of my main weapon I feel thoroughly defeated and humiliated. Mr. Harold instructs me to walk over to a NO PARKING street sign just over in the grass in the alley way at the foot of the hill. "Boy, do you know what a Pole-Lock is?" he asks. 'Eat a dick you asshole" I replied. He laughs sarcastically. I knew what was coming. In no short order he tells me how to lock myself around the street sign and have a seat a while. I knew it already so getting into it was easy. This type of lock is painful and the longer you sit there the weaker your legs and joints become. Its extremely difficult to get out of once you cramp up from your own weight locking you down. Even trying to get out of it immediately is difficult because you trip yourself when you try to free yourself. So there I was Pole Locked and he tossed me two of those thin auto parts store pull ties to tie my own hands up with. As he walked away he took my weapons and knife and tossed them in an abandoned car and shut the door. "Son this is truly your lucky day because I'm letting you live but if you move before i get to 15 minuted from now on my wrist-watch, I'm gonna kill you where you sit and don't think you'll know where Im going"..He disappeared around the corner of the building towards the front without making a sound.


The sun was coming up. This was over. The other places were clear across town closer to population. The juice isn't worth the squeeze. If I get dead my pal has 0 chance of getting through this, plus I don't have time. A trip like that across a ruined and collapsing city will take a few days. Ill end up dead trying to go there in day light and alone. Eventually you get free. But walking like a zombie due to the cramps and crazy contortion of sitting around a pole like that. You hobble over to the car to retrieve your weapons. The asshole took the mags out and emptied the chambers..

Part 2 coming later.....

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Reply Ivarr Bergmann
6:08 PM on August 26, 2019 
Ramon says...
that is some quite impressive reality check, waiting for part 2...great blog, thanks!

Welcome to my mess... and thank you for your time here.

Reply Ramon
5:17 PM on August 26, 2019 
that is some quite impressive reality check, waiting for part 2...great blog, thanks!
Reply Ivarr Bergmann
4:41 AM on June 22, 2019 
Apollo26 says...
Cool scenario I gotta say your fictional writing is on this blog is great easily as good as most of the e books i read and some of those are damn good.

Thanks.. I got loads of shit bouncing around in my head. Figured this be a way to get it out and spread some brain food.. Its good mental PT for me.. haha
Reply Apollo26
12:47 PM on June 20, 2019 
Cool scenario I gotta say your fictional writing is on this blog is great easily as good as most of the e books i read and some of those are damn good.
Reply Ivarr Bergmann
11:59 PM on June 15, 2019 
Lone Wolf says...
We only think we know what we would do and we all lie to ourselves by telling ourselves that our morality will win the day...hunger as well as injury and illness can drive a good man to do desperate things...I listened to a man tell his own mother that if she wasn't going to lay in her own supplies don't come knocking at his door...brutal and heartless but real. Good story...a lot of truth there.

Yeah.. Ppl seem to forget that our society will kill over trivial shit like a pair of tennis shoes or a parking spot just 'because'.. Hell A guy shot a man walking his dog in NYC for no other reason then just to do it.. a society like ours unleashed from legal restraints will be a beast of such evil I don't think fiction could even match it.

Thanks.. at the end this story will make a few points I hope at least a few will understand.

Reply Lone Wolf
10:44 PM on June 15, 2019 
We only think we know what we would do and we all lie to ourselves by telling ourselves that our morality will win the day...hunger as well as injury and illness can drive a good man to do desperate things...I listened to a man tell his own mother that if she wasn't going to lay in her own supplies don't come knocking at his door...brutal and heartless but real. Good story...a lot of truth there.