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Main Shelter Check In.

Posted by Ivarr Bergmann on June 15, 2019 at 11:50 AM

(The Forest Is My Sanctuary)

For those that didnt know I was hospitalized a couple weeks ago. I came home and started to get better. Now I'm truly getting better and Im back on my feet since Wed. Nice being off the sofa. Getting PT back in line isn't easy .. I decided to have a hike back to the original shelter. Its been too lomg but life is like a river sometimes and just pushes us along...Its a long and relatively flat hike if i go certain routes. It was good to see her again and in one piece. Its been a year since I was last there (maybe more). There was no earthquake, snow or bear damage. No work has been done to this since 2016- and she stands well and strong- but frozen in time with the mods I started in 2016. Only thing out of sorts was my lantern fuel tipped over and leaked out.. I should probably do some maintenance on her and finish the addition.

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(Older Video from one year ago)

The condition of the shelter and the fact its still stands solid and serviceable is a testament to hard work and practice paying off. Sometime this summer I hope to visit the other shelters. I have no doubt as to their standing and being serviceable as well. I also checked a few Survival pods in that area. They were solid and serviceable. Regardless I know what times can do to supplies so I also hope to replace many of the aging Survival Pods with larger surplus ammo can survival pods and improve my previsions pool.

I love that nature is reclaiming the immediate area where I damaged the foliage doing work. I'm sure its the same at the other shelters as well. Im kinda excited to see them. Ive already been asked this summer to show Pods and other shelters in my Spider Web. .I'll never show the rest of my shelters or anything regarding them or my Pods and where they are hidden. That's just how it is.



In closing ill say going there yesterday was a wise choice for both mind and body. I experienced a certain satisfaction when I walked up and it was still standing, especially after that monster earthquake we had. I definitely expected it to be demolished. I think it might be time to finish the addition and other mods that I started so long ago. There are loads of new fallen trees to use as materials. The shelter stands so I know my work will last and only improve the function and reliability of this shelter. Besides there are still lessons to be learned and skills that need to be honed.


ᚫlᚫᛋᚴᚫᚾ ᚺᛖᚨᚦᛖᚾ..NEVER QUIT...


Life is not fair & People are not equal. Hiroo. Onoda

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Reply Ivarr Bergmann
10:57 AM on June 18, 2019 
Zia Survivor says...
Glad you are back Get strong and continue the adventure. Stay safe.

Thanks... and you too..
Reply Zia Survivor
12:02 AM on June 18, 2019 
Glad you are back Get strong and continue the adventure. Stay safe.
Reply Ivarr Bergmann
8:02 PM on June 16, 2019 
Mike says...
I'm glad to hear you are up and around.

See the old shelter was super therapy! and thnx.. yes it good to be vertical again~!~
Reply Mike
6:09 PM on June 16, 2019 
I'm glad to hear you are up and around.