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(Old Repost) The Bear Attack- Away from Media Lies.

Posted by Ivarr Bergmann on September 16, 2019 at 11:30 AM

I still get weekly question about this. I managed to dig up the text from this site...Bear in mind this was before I adopted The Olaf..

My kit layed out before I stepped off. Ready for a day of learning... Little did I know..

Well Sunday July 28th 2013, a bear and I ended up in each others AO..Bad day for us both... I stepped off very early arriving at about 0630 and headed up. It seemed like a typical morning like many many other this summer. I blew my whistle often and consistanly as I always do on each trip in bear season. I blew it every three minutes or less all the way up until i got to the top. The hike in was uneventful but the dark forest was a bit spooky to me this day.  I had a feeling i was being watched.

 When I got to the peak of the trail, before it descended back down, I decided to rest on the rocks that stuck out and over looked the fjord to plan the rest of my day. I was still around the main trail but well off/out on the rocks. I wanted to glass farther up the peak of the mountain to decide what i wanted to do. I knew there was that out crop of rocks with great views so i went out there to rest and plan. The weather was still quite gloomy and cloudy with heavy overcast in the early morning sky..But warm and humid..

I made this picture moments before the assualt..

I dropped my ruck and web gear on the deck and then I walked around the rocks close to my kit for a few minutes gathering ideas to do some climbing or what ever i wanted to do that day. I remember as I walked around the rocks I had sat my AK74 down but I remember making myself go get it just in case. Though it was just a few feet away, a few feet can cost you your life. I knew this already so i got it.  After having a look I sat and I was resting against a rock trying to cool off and catch my breath. I leaned up to have a bite to eat and some water from my canteen. As i was getting into my kit I looked over my ruck and through the bushes directly in front of me and saw a huge dark chocolate brown silhouette emerge from the brush looking up the trail i just came off and that led right to me. He was sniffing the trail and the brish i just passed. He was 50 feet from me. I remember him sniffing the air and looking in the direction from where i came. Contrary to "news" reports he was facing me with his left side then eventually being totally exposed, not showing his ass to me like the assholes at news reported. In hind sight im positive he may have been tracking me and i remember I may have thought that's whats happening at the time by his sniffing the air and his purposeful seeming walk...There was open ground between us and a drop off the rocks behind me.  I had no where to go. I knew he was going to make me if he got closer as he walked the trail. I suspect in my camo and with the rock behind me i was matched with the terrain and he hadnt seen me yet. However I was trapped out on those rocks and I had no where to go. It was a split second situation with a decision that had to be made on the NOW

1. Blow my whistle with a high pitch screech that was sure to scare the shit out of him...

2. Soft yell to let him know i was there. I opted to yell "hey bear" hoping he would go away. I remember yelling it maybe twice or three times until the charge was already well engaged.

Before i yelled i reached down and took my AK74 off my hip and slid the safety off. Once i opened my mouth he looked directly at me and like a Tomahawk Missile he was coming at me full bore well engaged to kick my ass and he immediately started huffing and smacking his jaws together making a clicking sound. In hind sight he was really pissed I scared him. He was charging me with his head down. There was no visual contrast from the rest of his body. It was a huge dark mass in the low light and knee high brush with legs extending from it..

I remember seeing white in his mouth. I don't know if the white in its mouth was saliva or teeth. I remember yelling "aww fuk" a few times too.. I could hear him huffing and clicking his jaw clear as day light.... Anyhow I raised my weapon with out hesitation as soon as he engaged me when i was sure it was real. I fired a volley of rounds hitting him and it to stopped him in his tracks. Brown fur filled my entire sight aperture so with the low light and lack of proper color contrast i was basically shooting at a dark center mass in areas i deemed critical to stop him..

When he stopped after the first volley he engaged me again and he still came at me. So i fired another volley for a total of 13 shots. (later i remembered I fired 3 of those shots as warning shots before I actually aimed at him, and I found 7 puncture wounds of the 10 I fired at him)  I aimed at the legs and center chest area. He finally relented his charge 10 feet from me, curled into a ball with his legs over his face (later when I examined the bones I found I made a direct hit on his front left leg, snapping it in two and it was flopping in the air, he did not cover his face becuase of the face hit I scored) then with a roar like whimper he rolled down the bluff after stopping to have a quick squirty shit and over the edge crashing like a train through the brush as he descended down finally stopping by being wedged against some birch trees where we found him..But at the time i didn't know where he went or what he was doing..

First thing i did after the shooting stopped was change the mag in my weapons for a full mag, pull my pistol from my webbing and grab the highest point of the surrounding rocks that gave me a 360 degree view of everything around me...Then I called 911. I called for 3 reasons besides its the law.

1. I knew there were houses below in the direction he went

2. I was worried he might have went onto the trail and other hikers might encounter him.

3. I didn't know how bad he was injured or mad he was and i didn't want to run into him on the trails again if he was alive and make the situation worse. I wanted more eyes.

4. It was the law.

After patiently waiting-one Game Warden and one state trooper arrived on the scene about an hour or so later. By this time i was calmed down and most of the adrenaline had worn off. They had to hike up the mnt to me. When they arrived we discussed what happened and my responsibilities in this situation. A short time later we formed a skirmish line about 50 yards wide to look for the bear. It was three of us and i was in the center . About 300 feet down the bluff i was the one that found him jammed up against the trees. He was surely dead and judging by the relative absents of blood at his finale resting place he died fast, probably before he stopped falling. There was one pool under his front section and some coming from his mouth. There was blood spatter in some really high spots too. I guess this was from him falling over the cliff side. Contrary to asshole news reports he didn't just crawl there and die like some poor defenseless animal that was killed by a nut with an Ak74, as the news would have you believe by tugging heart strings for ratings by suggesting he crawled off suffering and died..

I had to skin and gut this guy out. I had some help but these guys will remain anonymous. When i opened the chest cavity the lung and other vitals were annihilated into bloody goo. There were other damaged organs we could not identify. The 545x39 annihilated its insides like a blender..There was also a jaw strike that looked like it shattered it. I found one of the many bullet hole in the shoulder/chest area that passed through and out the arms pit and blew its toe off. I found another in its forearm with no exit wound, just a small perfectly round hole. This is where i later found the 545x39 totally snapped his leg bone)

I remember feeling really bad for the old bear. I even got a few tears in my eyes for the massive creature that wanted to kill and eat me. He had my full respect and remorse.. He had many many had scars on his head and neck from past battles with other males. Obvious K9 puncture wounds scars on his neck and several laceration scars on his forehead. This was a warrior bear. It was a bad day. I took 0 pride in the fact i had to kill this creature. As an Odinist I don't hunt or kill for my survival training-plus the law is very prohibative in thismanner.  I can and have hunted in the past but I don't really anymore-Its just too costly. I took this situation to a heavy heart but this is Alaska and I walk the walk, and I talk the talk in terms of the reality of being here. With that being said i take total pride that i survived and all my training kicked in and i just reacted accurately and i lived..The game wardens estimated his weight at 600lbs. I thought less at 300-400lbs or maybe with their first estimation of 500lbs. They told me it was the biggest Chugach Grizzly they have ever seen..It took 5 of us until 6pm to skin the bear on that hill. This all happened at about 9am. Lucky for me i had rope with me, trash bags, knives, a saw and a poncho to drag out the hide. Pays to be prepared. Basic survival items and specialized items for that day came in really handy. I didn't get to climb on the rocks but some of the gear still came into real use..

My weapons was a semi-auto Bulgarian made Ak74 in 5.45x39. I know this weapon inside and out. Its an extension of me. I know what it can do, and what i can do with it as evident that I'm still here telling what happened. I hit a moving armored target in low light while being out of breath and under extreme threat of life and limb and I put rounds in critical spots that killed it and I save myself. Period. Many people ask if i was scared. There is no scared in this depths of the situation. There is the instinct to react or you die. Scare comes later after you realize what happened and there is nothing left to do with the remaining adrenaline. I was scared after it happened. It is what it is. I was more worried about being within the law for shooting it. 

The ammo I used was a mix of Soviet surplus ammo, Silver Bear ammo, hollow points and some ball surplus ammo. There was no rhyme or reason to the mag load, i just put my hand in the jar and grabbed what i grabbed.

The bottom line is i SURVIVED...I hit a 600lb armor plated moving target while out of breath in low light in a fraction of a second with enough well placed accurate rounds to kill it..end of story. There was no "spray and pray' like the fuk heads in the media liked to call a dick..And also contrary to media reports no one ever contacted me for an interview, no one ever followed up on anything ever. No Wildlife Biologist ever talked to me and no reporters ever asked me one single question or attempted to contact me. Many false names and lies have been printed in a few stories from Alaskas to the UK to try to bait me into coming out and talking. However there is nothing to talk about other then the lies and embellishments the media likes to spin. I'm alive.

My Laplander saw i used to cut his head off..

The Grizzlys head inside a Medium British Rucksack.. Roughly 50-60 liters.

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