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Southern Route-Quick Update

Posted by Ivarr Bergmann on November 14, 2019 at 4:25 PM

Warning.. This is pretty boring but a necessary update..

This is just a quick reminder before I get started on this blog post: You CAN NOT script a survival situation anymore then you can script a car crash, train wreck, sinking boat, hurricane, tornado, flood, or control the will of men bent on spreading evil and creating destruction. ! Simply put you CAN NOT script and deliberately put real survival on Tv or in a video unless its simply telling a story in a recreation but you will lose the substance of the threat. You can prepare for what might come but by definition SURVIVAL is that which is UNEXPECTED. If you were prepared, then for good or bad, its an inconvenience of various depths and complications and nothing more. By preparing you are decreasing the mathematical deficit of survival that stands between you and success. I hope I never see another real survival situation but If i do I hope I'm able to pass on the story of what got me passed the math... I will never fake or mislead anyone with whats goes on up here.........I don't care how bored I make you with my garbage..

One last rant about scripting and dramatics..

 A guy from Central Europe who was/is a self-proclaimed "EXPERT" in survival told me this one time in regards to building an audience.. " Just produce videos and feed them along making them always wanting more".. I never understood why anyone would want to infuse such dramatics into a video but then I realized its about the money and never about setting a real example for others to follow that might help them survive. This same guy also produced a video of him using charcoal from an old camp fire to clean his teeth but he never reactivated it, thus making it sterile/purified for use and used it after it had been on the ground for an unknown period of time and used for unknown reason to burn who knows what. He was infected with bacteria that entered the soft tissue of his gums and mouth that then travel through his blood and attacked his heart and he received heart damage from the bacterial infection, but the worst part is that the last time i looked the video was still up for ppl to click on so he would get payed....


Moving on....

As I mentioned 3 months back in the "Community" section of my YT channel Ive decided to rewrite and refocus my Escape Plan and head south to the rain-forest and the coast as opposed to dwelling inland in the central hinterlands. The goal will be the same however adding a distant objective of this nature will stretch the plan quite a bit in terms of distance and time to rebuild/restructure my plans . I haven't felt like doing much else lately so recently I have taken time to wonder out to simply collect all of my survival pods in the South Central area of existence. I have also dissembled most of the shelters associated with the survival pods that were collected. All the pods were still intact save a few that water somehow collected inside ruining the contents, and none of the shelters had any serious issues that would have negated their use- Keeping it simple helped a lot.. The compromised pods were containers that could have received direct sunlight- I blame that for the extreme temperate fluctuation causing a failure of the container and sealant.  Soon I will start to replant survival pods but going south. I will not use cheap containers the next time but I will procure some military issue steel ammo boxes. At the time I used what I had-cheap plastic containers...We use what we have, not always what we wish we had. In the future I will use steel ammo cans and this will be the rule. These seem to have hit the market up here and are super cheap. You can find tall 50 Caliber ammo boxed and 20mm ammo boxes for as cheap as 10$.  This will mean more supplies stuffed into one pod at one location but the overall protection and durability will be worth the trade off. Regardless of the limited amount of pods I will use the general rule will be the same in that I will spread out supplies and not keep everything in one spot for a specific are/shelter. The main shelter in Ft Wilderness still remains and Ill use it for training as I go.

Im not sure how to make a map of the route that is not acual or very close to actual without giving up the general areas ill use. Routes are not abundant so Ill simply refrain from specifics even if they're not very specific because they will be if I give them up. There simply isn't any way to show it w/o giving up to much information. Routes are finite so the above is the best i can do.....

Heading south will offer much better chances of survival. The temperature will be better year round and the ocean will always provide-its as simple as that unless its poisoned by situation like Fukushima or the like but I cant ignore what needs to be done based on conjecture- Survival Above All! . Barring such events resources will be much more abundant and IMO easier to acquire with its very remote locations to disappear into and its nearly 0 population throughout. Marine life as a resource is one of many of my focuses on this rethinking of my plans. Marine life provides everything the human body needs to take in during times of hardship, and whats more waterborne traps and lines are far easier to manage and will produce far more then the land based equivalent. And because the population in these areas is much much less condensed raping of the land by the hungry isn't likely to happen in such a remote place. Most areas are devoid of human activity other then tourism. Waterborne travel is much less labor intensive and offers a much better return for ones efforts. Not to mention relatively safer.. The Rain Forest is wet too. Much less chance of dealing with Wildfires in the summer as well.

This plan will probably require I go waterborne once again. I'm fine with this and I look forward to it but I will need to find a new watercraft. I look at this as simply another part of my life long training experience. Ive spent many years inside a the haul of a heavy loaded touring Kayak. Open water does not scare me nor does a loaded kayak with all the supplies needed to exist and get started. Day or night-rain or shine, marshes and open bays dodging ships and fishing boats-Ive done it and put in the time to be in know. Granted there will be some growing pains of getting back into this but the long term reward far outweighs the hazards of my former plan..

The above is an example of a remote cabin off the shore in Prince William Sound that ive personally examined a few years ago. The entire sound and panhandle is dotted with these cabins built for recreational use and various other abandoned dewllings but ill save my specifics. At the moment the majority Prince William Sound that i can reach is Federal land and thus protected land with very limited use for training. When the hammer drops laws will be null and void except for the laws of survival, but for now these laws will make actual training there nearly impossible other then exploring (scouting) and acting like a tourist.. However setting the North to south route to get there is totally manageable w/o breaking any of the vastly over lapping laws here in Alaska that constantly hinder my training.

Our ride that day.. Tiny Zodiac Raft with an outboard engine..

My first lesson about this area was its eternal and boundless vastness. Ive made videos of the vastness in the mountains but the vastness of the waterways here is explainable. On my fist waterborne trip there we used a simple inflatable Zodiac Raft. The area is so emence that It was like sitting still with the engine on full throttle. It seems like Whittier never moved coming or going. Thus it wasn't until we went around the coastline and into a few bays and channels that it felt like we had made any headway.  It really played with my mind. It was quite a shock to me witnessing the scale of the vastness and endless water of the Sound. I noted this.

My second lesson was the absolute thorough abundance of wildlife. To say it was teeming with wildlife would be a gross understatement of the worst kind. I imagine its what Capt. John Smith witnessed when he entered the Chesapeake bay for the first time in 1608. Sadly when anything presented itself I was usually without camera in hand, other then the above see otter, but i saw no shortage of food sources on land, in the sea and in the air. As were there a great many waterfalls and rivers that emptied into the ocean with freshwater. The abundance or resources was a shocking contrast to anything witnessed in the hinterlands of South Central and I'm quite excited to be redirecting my Escape plans in that direction regardless of the fact I'm starting over from scratch. This is what experience and learning does- it tests you and makes you rethink what you think you know as one learns and grows. However this time I'm not starting with a foreign mindset because i have a lot of experiences here in Alaska with my previous planning and tasking... From Moose and bear, to deer and rodents, to clams, shrimp, crabs and fish and marine mammals PWS is alive with resources. This natural preservation can be directly attributed to the Federal Government controlling access to this area and other strict EPA regulations for Alaska...

What is the next step?


Getting through this winter and after that will be business as usaul for a while. I hope in the Spring and summer I'll be scouting and erecting a few shelters in a new direction. It will be quite a while before I actually reach the coast and even longer before I can anounce i have anything grand completed. I'll probably foot scouts through the mountains headed south most of next green seasons. I wont show exactly where though (Naturally!). Most likely at some point I will start to alternate and bounce back and forth from waterborne to the mountains and forest, but this depends on finding a affordable and suitable watercraft with accessories. I don't know when this will happen so my plans will be fluid from the start. I'll have to settle for scout the Sound on foot and alternate between my area and there if I cannot aquire a watercraft strait away. Suffice to say Im not going to get anywhere without doing something.

Research will be in order as well. I need to find out where the Feds start and stop and where the State starts and stops in terms of land boundaries. I also need to learn more about the the rules and regs of these areas for simple hiking (Scouting). Getting locked up is not an option and there's plenty to do w/o breaking the laws. Laws regarding watercraft are pretty simple. A Kayak under 11 feet isn't required to be registered so Ill definitely keep it under 11 feet.I don't see kit changing much. I learned a lot from my previous waterborne training and this continued into my normal procedures for land based E&E that Ive used over the years. (EG Rule 28 from my Kit Rules.. 28. Protect everything that needs protecting from water as if you had just 3 seconds to decide to jump into a river.This came from previous waterborne tasking and training) In closing id like to say that I know this post isn't very exciting. I'm sure Ive bored you all- However the plans are real, as is the need for a plan to be laid out and its eventual evolution. Real work is never fun or exciting. Surviving the hammer dropping will be worse then work.  It will be a harvest of misery, cruelty and horrors.



PS : Id like to credit my old time Alaska best friend 'Theo" for encouraging me to change my plans and to head south to the water when the hammer drops. He's got the knowing of a great many things that have helped me in my plans over the years. Im endlessly grateful for his years of experiences and knowledge he's shared with me..


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Reply Ivarr Bergmann
8:33 PM on November 14, 2019 
Lone Wolf says...
This is an amazing development! I lived just east of Anchor Point when I lived there. I had scouted the southern half of the peninsula and found it to be too populated and was in the very beginning of thinking about PWS when my life went to shit and all that changed. I think that this is a wise move and I for one am very interested to watch your progress.

Its needed but like anyone anywhere the terrains dictates the plans.. South is just a better choice all around and the timing is right..

Thanks for stopping in..

Reply Ivarr Bergmann
8:32 PM on November 14, 2019 
Journeyman says...
A solid thought process for making the move south towards water. I think it will be very interesting watching you go aquatic again

It will be interesting.. too close to shore and bear can reach me.. too far out and Orca can reach me.. haha.. Im looking forward to it..... Lots to do.....

Reply Journeyman
8:30 PM on November 14, 2019 
A solid thought process for making the move south towards water. I think it will be very interesting watching you go aquatic again
Reply Lone Wolf
6:31 PM on November 14, 2019 
This is an amazing development! I lived just east of Anchor Point when I lived there. I had scouted the southern half of the peninsula and found it to be too populated and was in the very beginning of thinking about PWS when my life went to shit and all that changed. I think that this is a wise move and I for one am very interested to watch your progress.

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