Evasion Survival, Alaska

   A  Mobile Survival Plan For Rural Escape & Evasion Survival  

If you're interested in getting out and doing some of what we do, please feel free to drop me an email so we can discuss it further. However if you're not willing to learn, listen and put forward the commitment, please don't waste either of our time. Ive seen it all and heard all the excuses from ppl wanting to "train". The only language I understand anymore is "Can Do". I'm fluent in Bull-Shit and understand double talk well.

Please understand this is not exciting, entertaining, relaxing, or glamorous-its brutal, dangerous, dirty, time consuming and requires a commitment of at least one weekend a month. Also understand this is not about running and gunning, nor is it about Militia/Patriot or Political activities..

If you live in the South Central area please feel free to contact me. (Please only use the contact box below for reasons posted on this page REGARDING LOCAL COOPERATIVE TRAINING)
Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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