Evasion Survival, Alaska

   A  Mobile Survival Plan For Rural Escape & Evasion Survival  

Like firearms Ive had quite a few knives and choppers over my decade here. However little has changed. Though I have tried other edge tools I seemingly always returned to what worked best for me. The day the hammer drops these tools will follow me to the wilderness..

+ SOG Made in the USA Multi-Tool.
+ Gerber Lock-blade Pocket Knife
+ Gerber Strong-Arm Rig Blade
+ Gerber Prodigy Belt Knife
+ Marine Raider, Bowie Chopper.

Belt Knife and Rig Knife...I keep this simple...

This is the Gerber "Prodigy" belt knife on a homemade belt.

This is the Gerber "Strong-Arm" that is my current Rig Blade.

Marine Raider Bowie

I have two of these- One on my MOLLE Patrol Rucksack and one on my Marine Large Rucksack. having two helps save time and energy switching one back and forth between 2 rucksack. There's always one ready on either Rucksack. This chopper is a modern version of the famed WWII Marine Raider Bowie used in the Pacific Jungles.  This knife truly is a work horse. I bought this back in 2004 and I haven't looked back since. The blade is coated with a protective coating. Ive seen much younger knives wear this off quickly. Over the years Ive kept the blade painted in order to protect the factory protective coating to extend the life of that coating. So far its payed off well. This chopper has seen blistering hot summer day, humid day submerged in swamps, its been swam through the water in the Chesapeake Bay and its seen below 0F day in the Alaska wilds and its still going strong. They come with a completely shitty sheath so I fashioned my own in 2010 and the sheath too is still going strong.

Gerber Myth Pocket Folding Knife .

3 Inches folder and about 7 extended. Has a pocket clip I don't use and a nice rubber grip.
As always it had a dummy cord attached.

SOG Multi-Tool. Ive had this since 2005.

Hand Saws

The "MADE IN THE USA" Wyoming Saw.

The Laplander Folding Saw.
You WILL need a hand saw. Both of these are appropriate for my needs and have more then towed the line of getting shelters made. Saws are an excellent way to separate matter when you cannot afford to make noise.