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Evasion Survival, Alaska

   A  Mobile Survival Plan For Rural Escape & Evasion Survival  

Folks selling kit or trying to improve your chances. Picture are links to sites .
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Joe -Deer Runner- Metal Works

I forge metal into strikers and tools.

This is an old friend who has made many items for me over the years. Quality work at return customer prices..

C1C seeks to take people and train them for extraordinary circumstances in the protection of life and property. Our name, Condition 1 Concepts, is derived from the status of a weapon chambered and ready to fire, but it goes beyond just weapons training. It refers to honing a state of mind that is in Condition 1 when needed to be, analyzing situations and making appropriate decisions given the circumstances. It is training to keep you ahead of and away from the threat unless it becomes absolutely necessary to engage.

Excellent shop located in Germany. Fast effective service..
One Shepherd is leadership development through intense war gaming.

What is One Shepherd? It’s a Warrior-Scholar tradition that transforms good men and women into great leaders. It’s a school that uses intense, live-action war games to teach leadership. Success in the game depends on an astute grasp of military doctrine and daring leadership.

Why such realistic war games? Such games allow us to explore leader decision-making through simulated combat missions. Adventurous games offer profound learning through stages of planning, execution, and reflection. One Shepherd immerses Warriors in combat missions that involve military battle systems, real firearms, and live-action simulation. This is serious fun.

A reliable source for Russian Kit- If you fancy such kit. It where I purchased my Partizan Scout Camo

TYR Group is a professional tactical training and consulting company that also offers a small range of products. We provide specialized training and consultation services to a broad spectrum of audiences. All of our training focuses on providing critical skills and mindset for self-reliance to survive dangerous situations. We have standard courses advertised on our website, but also develop custom training according to our customer’s specific needs. In addition, we provide Mobile Training Teams (MTT’s) to most locations.

The customers and clients of our services are diverse. They include professionals from the Military, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Security community, Small and Large Businesses, Non-Governmental Organizations as well as individuals from the Film and Television industry. Not to mention, we have trained large groups of private citizens interested in learning vital tactics and survival skills that build self-reliance and increases survivability. No matter your interest, we have a program for you.

General and scenario based urban and rural survival/defense training, geared towards the motivated individual, or group seeking professional hands on instruction, beyond the manual or video. Individual, team, and family oriented training in numerous primitive and modern survival and survivalist skills and techniques, ranging from wilderness living and game procurement, to NBC protection, and firearms selection and use. MDT also sells a full line of survivalist and wilderness survival gear, and can probably match or beat most dealers prices. MDT Consultation Specialists, are here to help the Individual, Family, or Group, develop a scenario based preparedness plan, which is both complete, and efficient. Call to set up an appointment.

Bishop 30 Solutions was founded to help people and organizations be safer, more secure, and ready to respond in crisis. I saw this need in 2005 when I was a DEA agent in the Houston Field Office and, after Hurricane Katrina hit, was sent to New Orleans to assist during the aftermath. What I found was a famous American City in shambles with people who were completely unprepared for what they had to react to. Law abiding citizens were out gunned and struggled to protect their family and their belongings from people who worked to take what wasn’t theirs. The experience made such an impression on me that after I retired, 12 years later, I formed Bishop 30 Solutions to help everyday law abiding citizens remain safe in their environment.     

- Noell Bishop

UW Gear is a 100% family owned and operated small business. We are not a big company with dozens of employees. Our goal is simple. To provide the prepared citizen with the support gear necessary to fight, defend, and protect his/her home, family and friends in a catastrophic event or otherwise non permissive environment.  Although what we make may be used by military and police, our primary focus is making kit that we, as armed citizens, can use for come-what-may.  We have tried to distill our designs down to what we need to fight, nothing more, nothing less. What you will find here is simple but sturdy gear, made for carrying your rifle, support gear, plus a few other items, and to easily integrate with other existing gear such as belt rigs, backpacks and rucks, etc..

American Marauder (formerly Infidels Incorporated) is a clothing and design group.  We originally started as one of the first internet Military communities in 1997 and have been online in different variations ever since.

Since that time, we are currently making our designs available for purchase by brick and mortar stores or distributors.  The designs that are sold by military retailers (e.g. Ranger Joes) have exclusive designs but we also offer different designs from our shop.

We hope that you enjoy the designs and of course, we're always open for suggestions.  If you have a particular need for a design for a shirt, just drop us a line on the facebook site and we'll see what we can do to help.