Evasion Survival, Alaska

   A  Mobile Survival Plan For Rural Escape & Evasion Survival  

These Rules of Ranging are totally appropriate for what I see the future being during and after the collapse. These simple rules can easily be tweeked and modified to suit Evasion Groups or individual needs as required. Whats more is they can be applied to modern weapons and equipment so please understand that I'm not suggesting you use a tomahawk and Flintlock, running around the ruined landscape. However in my opinion I think when the collapse hit what remains of the population will be thrust back 2-300 years and rules such as these will be invaluable to the Evader. Not only to avoid detection and annihilation from Marauders and Bandits but can be used to defend ones self and a group as well. However its all for naught if you don't get out and drill to form good habits.