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Unconventional Survival

This page is a vague overview of  my unconventional plan..Its a very generalized narrative of whats needed to be understood by me-for me to formulate a functioning E&E survival plan. This is simply a regular guy POV and about being PROACTIVE. This is for a Rural Evader. A plan of "Unconventional Survival" . This is almost 20 years or more of experience being put to use here in Alaska...REMEMBER TRAINING IS REAL WORK.. ITS HARD AND IT EATS TIME. TRAINING IS NEVER FUN. IF YOU'R HAVING FUN YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. Its either Good productive  or SUCK productive.

History is my guide and actions are my lessons.

What do all these historical examples presented above have in common? They are all mobile, they all realistically depended on logistics stores AND harvested natural resources, they all had local help/factors and human collaboration to help stay alive and functional. Local help and collaboration is the least scant in my plans. I see people as a liability and thus far haven't seen them as critical to my plan. Though I'm one man and my shelters are nothing like what the Forest Brothers or other large bodies of fighters had, or needed (and I'm not a fighter) and my stores are my modest Pods and what Ive done for myself, so id say its a definite start in the right direction. My planning dwells mostly with Hiroo Onada's ideas of staying small and mobile. The math leans more in my favor in this respect because I don't plan on attacking anyone. Unconventional Survival is an adaptation of unconventional warfare. Over all though I take a bit of something from everything Ive studied but the UCW template seems to fit best. I exclude any political or ideological motivations and keep it on the path of simply staying alive and mobile. I do not provide links to the pictorial list below. Most Information out there is IMO questionable and the pool is simply too vast to put it all here. I researched and studied a lot over the years and so shall you if you want to learn about what I'm doing and how I'm doing it. In the end you'll have to anyhow because my plan and your plan will NOT mirror one another. I set examples, not tables for visitors to sit at and feast on from the bounty of what Ive done for myself. I simply wish to clear a path of eases for those who follow my example. This site is full of picture references from my Survival History and historical examples to guide you along the way. Research and adapt what you need for yourself. A guy in Urbanistan might do better at researching the French Resistance in Paris for a more urban point of view, etc etc etc..

History shows us. What has past to become old will become new again when the hammer drops..


Sissi / Finnish long-range jäger
Polish AK Resistance
Baltic Forest Brothers
Brandenburg Commando
Robin Sage, Rep. Pineland
Eskimo Scouts
Hiroo Onada
Castners Cutthroats
Rodgers Rangers
Operation Washtub  Alaska
British WWII SOE Guerilla Forces
An Escape & Evasion survival plan starts in the brain..I try continually improve my plans at every opportunity . This sites evolution will also help me sort my own thoughts on the topic and as training shows more of what I need to do, and I gather more historically significant information to apply to my plans.. Its quite a lot to do on my own. This will be long as fuk. At the end of it all I hope to give the reader a view into the rationality of why I chose E&E and maybe it will help other folks sort out a few things to help them separate the reality of Escape and Evasion Survival planning and the actual execution of planning far away from all the bull-shit, acronym filled echo-chambers and conformity thinking BS out there. At some point I also hope to help others with making a plan if it suits their situation but for not I just want to set an example. I hope to convey how all this is possible with a self supporting, integrated level of planning and all the layers involved..
Unconventional Survival is a term I use inside my head to describe the sort E&E I’m preparing for. As far as I know I'm the only one to have ever used this term or tried such a plan in any way to this extent. .As mentioned earlier this has nothing to do with SERE or the military. I simply prefer the term U.C.S. because this type of plan is not bush-craft, and its not emergency survival by unfortunate circumstances like a Natural Disaster, its not gun-fighting, its not prepping the pantry with stores either. Its not about Militia or anything Para-Military. Its not "Picture Posing Kitchen Kommando shit, or Saturday and Sunday (SAS SURVIVAL) Survival games. Its a bit of a lot of realistic things and its 100% intentional with a premeditated purpose. Its unconventional thinking that goes around and smashes excepted trends.
E&E is often taboo and mocked as a Walt Mitty fantasy or dismissed as a backyard Rambo mindset. It goes against the grain of what I see others doing in popular mainstream thinking. IMO 99.9% of the people out there are just getting it wrong while following the herd over the cliff with a mass hysteria approach of unproven theories and a lot of conjecture bouncing around the echo chamber of the commercialized internet.. Its not about running out the door in a state of ill-prepared panic with no plan and no where to go. Its also not about conformity. Its thinking outside the box. Because being displaced is what nearly 100% of the ppl out there will experience when the collapse hits and most will simply die. History has proved this. Conformity and following the herd is for the amateurs.
Out Line:

The primary purpose is to build a base plan for a course of action that’s both skills and material based. The measure of either is based on the Evader. The primary purpose is to sustain a mobile existence in and around a desired area. In my case its the Alaska wilderness, or what I like to call "Ft.Wilderness". As one man I must remain unseen and not present a nuisance of myself. I must remain flexible and decisive at the initiation of a total collapse and this readiness must be withstanding and be sustainable for the duration. That's nonnegotiable.

The duration being: Until the culling is over and a clear perspective can be gained for further planning. IMO the tide of the math dictates fixed fortifications will fall to the Invader forces or Legions of displaced refugees and Marauders. The situation, "the Collapse", will be fluid at best. Escaping the chaos is the plan. Mobility is the key for me. I must prepare as best I can as to not limit my options nor hinder my flexibility. I must be able to adapt at a moments notice with flexability and committing to a high standard of profitable habits and committed readiness.. Its about managing my risks by planing ahead.

The over all plan will include supply caches (pods), base-camps, an interconnected multi-layered web of covert egress and ingress routes, and recently I have incorporated human contacts in certain areas that I can call on for help in serious times of need with prearranged message drop spots for conveying information. In many ways this is like planning Unconventional warfare but its survival in nature, however unlike UCW, fighting would be the last unavoidable stage of the plan but its not the objective or forgone conclusion.